About Sassie

Developing the Perfect Wine

The SASSIE winemaking team has developed flavor profiles that are consistently delicious, with complex fruit flavors specific to each variety. The reds offer balanced acids and tannins, and a lingering finish. The Chardonnay is refreshing and easy drinking for every occasion. Above all the wines are food friendly.

SASSIE’s goal has always been to exceed expectations and our wines will please the palate of novice and connoisseur wine drinkers alike.

Grapes From Around the World

SASSIE has developed and continues to grow relationships with a number of wine producing countries of the world. These relationships have resulted in securing vineyard space in each of these regions for grape cultivation and wine production.

Unlike most vintners & distillers who focus on one country of origin per brand. SASSIE is able to produce wines from different origins and market it under one brand. SASSIE has begun to produce wine from the rich California region. From here, SASSIE will begin producing wine from Italy in 2010 and later from South Africa in 2011.

This “multi-country” approach will cater to our consumers who are curious to try wines from different and diverse regions.

SASSIE International Vintners & Distillers Group Inc.

South African born and raised, Denis Sasman of SASSIE International Vintners & Distillers has always believed in fresh thinking and innovation. With more than 100 years of family wine business in his blood, Denis’ pursuit of his passion has progressed from avid traveler of the world’s wine regions, to importer/distributor of European and South African wines, to the creation of a unique wine concept in the production and marketing of SASSIE Wines.

With the introduction of SASSIE Wines, Sasman has moved away from many of the traditional vintner business practices. This traditional way of conducting business in the wine industry has contributed to its stagnancy for many decades.