Revolutionary Bottle

PET Packaging

SASSIE was determined to design an innovative wine package that was as pleasing to the touch as it was to the eye, combining this with additional practical and environmental benefits.  Shaped like a traditional wine bottle familiar to consumers, the SASSIE PET bottle is one of a kind, totally original, and meets FDA standards.

The SASSIE PET bottle offers distinct advantages:

  • SASSIE’s innovative bott le design wa s designed not only with the environment in mind, but also for individuals who lead an active outdoor lifestyle.
  • SASSIE's bottle is ideal for outdoor activities on the patio, by the pool, après ski or at the dinner table.
  • SASSIE’s 750 ml size is just right for an individual couple or group.
  • SASSIE’s bottle is shatter-resistant and ultra lightweight for easy carrying.
  • SASSIE’s unique bottle lining preserves wine after opening for up to 2 weeks.
  • SASSIE’s screw cap with FDA approved leak-proof seal creates a barrier ensuring freshness.
  • SASSIE's bottles are 100% recyclable.

Reducing SASSIE's Carbon Footprint

To highlight the commitment of reducing the wine world's carbon footprint, SASSIE has been dedicated to finding practical, lightweight and environmentally friendly ways to package premium quality wine that fits today's fast-paced lifestyle. The introduction of the PET bottle with Stelvin® concept screw cap is the answer.

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a form of polyester and is the most recycled plastic packaging in the world and is used in products such as carpet, t-shirts, fiberfill for ski jackets or even new bottles. PET plastics are identified by the #1 code which is found inside the univer sal recycling symbol usually located at the bottom of the container.

The main driving force behind the adoption of the PET bottle is an environmental one. This alternative packaging is significantly lighter than glass, which in turn requires less energy to transport, which reduces their carbon footprint through savings in the transport chain.

SASSIE will continue to focus on producing premium quality wine and protecting the environment.